My Promise
All of my paintings are done from reference photos by my hand on my computer.  I do not mass produce portraits with software filters.  You will have the opportunity to approve the painting before I print it.

Amateur photo taken in a restaurant.
Finished portrait of a young lady.
I can work from ordinary, amateur photos and can include special items that define the subject.

Amateur photo of teen being silly at family party.
Finished portrait of the baseball player.
My Prices
The price of a digital painting varies with the complexity of the subject, starting with $100 for the single head of a person or animal.  I will have to look at your photo to determine a suitable price.  You pay a non-refundable 50% deposit before I start to paint, and the rest on completion of the painting.  You will receive one copy of the painting on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper in a size up to 13 x 19 inches.  Additional copies can be made at cost.

Your photo needs to be reasonably detailed with the head facing front or 3/4 front.  I can make some minor changes if necessary, but nothing drastic.  If you want something like the baseball equipment added I will need a photo of said equipment in addition to the portrait photo.  They do not have to be in the same photo.

Copyright Considerations
You must own the copyright (i.e. you took the pictures yourself) or have written permission from the photographer for me to use it for a painting.

You may contact me through the contact form in the right sidebar.  Your information will remain absolutely private.

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